Gatherings @ Hope: Call to Worship

Worship is a natural part of who you are. You are made to worship. You are made to throw your hands up and have a huge smile on your face and adore something. Your heart was made to be satisfied. That is what worship is.

But worshiping God is not natural to us.

We worship men wearing pads running on a field, passing a ball trying to kill each other and score a goal. We go to giant cathedrals wearing t-shirts, holding signs, paying homage to people we idolize because we believe that being associated with them gives life a better meaning.

We worship actors and actresses by memorizing lines to movies and watching them over and over again. We worship musicians who string together melodies and harmonies. We run and cling to songs that give us emotion or give a moment its perfect ambiance.

We were made to worship but worshiping God is not natural to us.

This is why we need the call to worship.

The call to worship is God’s invitation to people to do something unnatural to us. It doesn’t simply set the scene for the entire worship service, but it draws our wandering hearts in towards where our affections and attention should be. God draws us in with his call, his reminder that he is worthy to be praised.

God is the host of what we do on Sunday mornings.

God sets the tone for the morning.

God shows up.

God stirs our affections, our motives, our wills so that we can be reached by the Gospel.

The call to worship is our invitation to not be wanders any more. The call to worship is the shepherds call to the sheep, inviting them back to the fold, commanding them to return to the flock.

So, how should we approach the Call to Worship?

Get to Church on Time – I know, I may be beating a dead horse, but I could also be breaking the mustang. Getting to church on time (before the service begins) is actually really important. There is much that goes on in the life of the church that happens before 9:30. There are these moments of beautiful exchanges, intentional relationship building, where people move away from the seats they sit in every Sunday and become the living stones of the temple.

But also, getting to service on time shows the importance of the call to worship. It is a reminder that we don’t initiate our relationship with God. God, the Hound of Heaven, initiates and starts our relationship with himself. So, too, does he initiate our worship. We meet him here, when we gather, when we worship, when we sit under good and sound preaching. So, join us.

Prayerfully Reflect on the Words – Take a moment and think about the verses or words that we are saying. Let us take a moment and be prepared for singing and praying and listening to the word and giving. Let us be prepared for the gathering of believers.

Because we’re all worshipers. Some of us are worshiping the wrong things, in the wrong ways. But let us remember the God who initiates our worship with a call.