the things they take in, pt 5: twitter

What can one possibly say in 140 characters that is worth your time?

Simple truths.

If you’re reading this because you clicked on a link on Facebook, there is a good chance you may be behind the times on social media. Let me break it down for you:

Social media 5 years ago was Facebook. The world ran through Facebook. Everything was about Facebook.

Until one guy came up with the ingenious idea of making people think about what they had to say before they said it.

Now, I don’t know if that is what actually happened when the inventor of Twitter created one of the most popular apps today, but nonetheless, to send a “tweet” takes more time than the normal status update on Facebook.

People have become celebrities and comedians because of their ability to express complex ideas into simple truths, or make jokes and puns and intellectual thoughts seem funny because Twitter is for the fast-paced society that we live into day.

You follow the people you want to follow. If they want to follow you, that’s up to them.

The old pound symbol (#) has become the word “hashtag” which you probably don’t understand what it means:

one) it is a search tool so that anyone on planet earth that uses the that hashtag (#winning for example) can be seen. Your thoughts, anyones thoughts can be seen and you can be in some shallow level of conversation with that person.

two) it is used as an form of irony and sarcasm, to make jokes.

But we’re not here to talk about hashtags, we’re here to talk about the benefits of Twitter.

It is one of my favorite apps on the market today because I can follow the likes of Tim Keller, John Piper, other pastors, scholars, the Bible, or two of my favorites @TimKellerFake and @HoodJesusYo who, despite their obvious parodies, still provide exactly what I want to use twitter for ….

I use twitter in a few different ways. I do use it as a personal account, so I will send tweets such as:

But, because I have teenagers from my Youth Group that follow me on Twitter, I get to share with them simple truths about the Gospel, like:

And from time to time when there is something wrong, the tweet about it, and I know that I need to be praying for them and their friends and their schools.

Now, just like any of the applications and social media outlets I have talked about, Twitter does have some flaws and some tips to be more secure. You can block users and set up walls so that only your followers can read your tweets. And, also, Everyone is one Twitter. All types of people that you can find on the internet are on Twitter and you don’t necessarily need to follow them to see the tweets, videos, pictures and messages that they are sending.

Parents, I would advise you to get on Twitter. Here are two reasons why:

one) You need to know simple truths – Like I said, there are pastors and websites and musicians and church members that are on Twitter proclaiming Jesus and the Gospel to their followers. You and I need to hear the Gospel and we need it to be in simple truths.

two) You need to be a part of your kids’ lives – Your kids aren’t on Facebook and if they are, they really don’t use it. Get down in the trenches with them. Have the conversations about the tweets that you both will see. Follow some of the same people that they follow. Follow them. But don’t use it as a tool for discipline, use it as a means for conversation to show them grace; to show them love.

If you have a smart phone, you should be on Twitter. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can still use Twitter on your computer.

It’s not that you need to be a helicopter parent. It has more to do with your faith, your need of the Gospel, and your need to learn Grace than anything else.

[digging deeper]

Here are some recommendations of people that I think you should follow:

Gospel Tweets –

New City Catechism (@OurOnlyHope2014, question and answer format of Biblical doctrines and truths, with scripture references, like “How can we glorify God?”

Tim Keller (@timkellernyc, with tweets like “It’s not the quality of my faith but the object of my faith that holds me up)

Tim Keller Wisdom (@DailyKeller, with tweets like “Jesus always gives you exactly what you need, and He knows better than you exactly what that is.”

Tullian Tchividjian (@PastorTullian, with tweets like “This primary paradigm of Christianity is not sickness to health, not good to great … but death to life.”

Scripture  Tweets –

Daily Bible Verse (@Daily_Bible, with tweets like “But all who find safety in you will rejoice; they can always sing for joy. Protect those who love you …” with a link to the Bible to continue reading.


CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk … it’s okay)

Your Church Leaders

Me! @mcdeetogo

Tim Habecker @TimHabecker