google-made geniuses/spiritual toddlers

information can get to us and out our mouths faster than ever before.

look at this simple, every day search that probably everyone of us has looked up before:


twenty-two million results in twenty-three hundredths of second. that is the difference in time between gold and lo lo jones’ fourth place hurdles finish in the twenty-twelve  london olympics. that is a lot of information in zero time.

but what this means for us is that we are losing wisdom and knowledge and it has been affecting our faith.

if i can get the information i need at that point in time without waiting, than i do not need to be wise or rely on something or someone greater than myself to impart on me wisdom and knowledge. if i can get advice about anxiety from forty-one million different sources in twenty-one hundredths of a second, the question sub-consciousness thinking turns into: why then do i need to read my bible if its content can be given to me at the click of a mouse.

because information is so easily available and quickly taken in and spit back out, we struggle with sitting down and slowly digesting the Word of God. we all have need for it  but most of us struggle to read the bible consistently. we know we should but we don’t fully get why it is important.

For whatever was written in former days, was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. romans 15:4 

the bible teaches us some very valuable things in this verse about why we need to read the bBible.

one) instruction proverbs 14:12 says, “there is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to his death.” you and i think we know where we need to go in life, but scripture tells us we need to be taught the ways of God because life is found in Jesus and the bible is all about Jesus (luke 24:13-35, hebrews 1:1-2.)

two) endurance in the scriptures, we are told that by our union with Christ we will endure. that in our sufferings, we can find joy. that God works all things to our good because He loves us. that He is restoring all things and making them new. we read the bible because we need perseverance and in it, we see our perseverance  is possible because Jesus was resurrected and we will be resurrected with Him.

three) encouragement you need to be encouraged. sin in this world is telling you of your need for something other than Jesus to be fulfilled and satisfied. satan tells simple lies that you need to earn your stay. but the bible continues to encourage us about Jesus work for us, the satisfaction found in him, and the assurance His death/resurrection bring.

four) hope ecclesiastes tells of solomon’s search for fulfillment in everything on a far greater scale than you and i could ever imagine. and he says under the sun, everything is all vanity. but our hope is not in anything under the sun. we hope in Jesus, the author and reason for our hope. the bible points to this hope: that God is good on his word and will deliver what he has promised.

we need the bible to soak into our lives. we need it on our door frames. we need it as our foundation. parents: you kid’s need it. they need to see the importance of it at home, in daily living. and they might disagree, but it is actually what they need most.

because they think they know everything and information is at their fingertips faster than ever before, but it is leading them in the wrong direction.

[digging deeper]

where do you see your time going? where are you spending your mornings or evenings?

professional athletes and musicians do not get thrown on to the stage without ever practicing. furthermore, they spend more time practicing then competing in the situations they train for. even more so with us as christians. we need to be train and be wise before the situations even arise so that we can be prepared.

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